On-Bus Controller

The OBC-4G-DAC is a versatile on-vehicle computer with an integrated 5 port gigabit Ethernet switch, GNSS/GPS connectivity, integrated media player, and a small form factor.

It enables real-time vehicle telemetry, and easily integrates with existing vehicle hardware. Originally designed to provide real-time connectivity for public transport vehicles, these purpose built endpoints are typically used with Terminus our cloud-based management device orchestration and management platform.

  • Robust, dependable LTE network platform for large fleets
  • Ruggedized for vibration, shock, dust, and humidity
  • GPS for AVL integration and location tracking to provide current and historic vehicle location
  • WiFi-as-WAN for data-intensive tasks such as audio and video download
  • Gigabit Ethernet and GPIO
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The compact design and wide array of connectivity means the OBC is great for:

  • Driving displays and audio announcements in public transport vehicles
  • Tourism operator with on-vehicle entertainment
  • Multimedia displays in retail outlets
  • Large scale digital display advertising
  • Quick-service retail menu boards and drive-through signage
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