Custom Hardware Development
Building custom hardware is our specialty, and we've done our fair share over the years. Here are some of our favourites...
2010 - Now
Solar powered surf cam
NZ has some fantastic surf beaches in some very remote parts of the country. Often though it can be hard to tell if the conditions are suitable for surfing without taking a trip out to the beach.

Tasked with preventing disappointment after a potentially long drive to check the surf, Octal developed a solar powered weatherproof camera enclosure equipped with a 3G radio.

This enclosure can be pole mounted anywhere there is mobile coverage, and automatically pushes photos of the area at a given interval. End users can log into a dedicated web portal via their computer or smartphone to check the image feed. They can also submit a request for a 720p video to be uploaded if the still photos don't show the conditions clearly enough.

The enclosure is rated to be directly exposed to some of the harshest coastal weather, and requires little maintenance once installed. The solution uses low powered components to conserve battery power when solar capacity is low, and uses smart data management to reduce the bandwidth requirements of the mobile connection.
Electronic Stock Signs
Crossing stock over a busy main road can be dangerous, and alerting vehicles early and safely is critical for both road users and farm operators.

Through consultation with farmers, Octal developed a custom built LED stock sign designed to grab driver attention from over 100m away. Some of the key features are:
  • Hardwearing exterior to stand up to the demanding farm environment
  • Brightly coloured portable enclosure for easy transport and setup anywhere on the roadside.
  • Battery powered for over a full day of continuous use. Rechargeable by a standard quad-bike battery charger.
  • High intensity LEDs, the same ones used in traffic lights and railway crossings.
This solution is unique in the market and achieves the intended goal of attracting the attention of passing vehicles, so much so that other farmers want to know where they can get a set for themselves!
Commercial Automation
Running a Qualmark Gold certified Bed and Breakfast can be tough work, especially ensuring guests have access to all the expected luxuries. Octal have worked closely with the operator to develop a suite of home and building automation to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the Homestay, and provide guests with an effortless experience.

There are multiple sensors throughout the house monitoring temperature, humidity, and air quality, which are fed into a centralise monitoring console. More sensors detect and maintain a suitable water temperature through the most efficient heat source depending on the season. Motion detectors and ambient light sensors detect when its dark and turn pathway lights on.

TVs and audio players are centrally managed, allowing whole house playback or individual breakouts depending on the preference of guests and the homeowner. And for those summer nights, a television can be hydraulically raised in the outdoor dining and recreation area ready for watching the cricket.
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