Instore POS and Driver Tracking
A set of integrated end-to-end systems with cloud-powered Point-of-Sale terminals, online ordering, stock, menu, and inventory management, financial reporting, and delivery scheduler - including real time driver tracking. Oh, and a (playful) torture room.
2010 - Current
At the time Octal started working with Hell Pizza the IT infrastructure was struggling to keep up with year-on-year growth.

Over a period of several years, Octal worked closely with the business to overhaul almost every key system, modernising the whole IT infrastructure and delivering new capabilities to support the business into the future.

For a bit of fun, we also helped fit out a branded “torture experience” room, complete with pnuematic jets, automated lighting, and door controllers to make an already intense visual experience even more frightening.
What we did

Octal developed a fully functional stock and inventory management system that powered both internal workflows as well as the instore point of sale and customer-facing online ordering website. This system was designed to offer maximum flexiblity to configure and manage the wide range of saleable items, from pizzas right through to fireworks.

This involved building out a large microservices architecture made up of many component systems that could scale independently during busy times. Traffic through core systems is very marketing driven, and Hell needed a system that could keep pace with a very active marketing team.

We designed a network of web-based Point of Sale terminals with a local Raspberry Pi to interface with onsite payment and printer terminals. We also helped design a real-time driver scheduling and tracking system, which keeps the delivery network running efficiently and allows customers to know how far away their orders are.

This fleet of Pis is centrally managed with AWS, and allows full remote control and maintenance of the operating system and installed applications. This includes automated patch baselining, health checks, and remote troublehsooting capabilities through a centralised cloud interface.

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